Gift Baskets You Can Create For New Years

What better way to start a new year than with a personalized gift to someone special. Maybe you’ve been invited to a New Years Eve party and want to bring a hostess gift. Perhaps you just want to acknowledge the work someone has done the past year with a thoughtful gift. Whatever your reason, a personalized gift basket will be appreciated and remembered throughout the year. Javeria Minahil

Start with a wicker basket. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Spray paint the basket wither gold or silver for a festive look. Check and see if you have any in your house before you go out and buy it.

Line the bottom with a cloth napkin in a complimentary color. If you spray pained your basket silver, try red or blue. If you used gold, a green napkin might look nice.

Start with some traditional New Years items like a bottle of champagne. Buy non-alcoholic if the person you’re giving it doesn’t drink. Add two champagne glasses with a ribbon tied around the stem. You can also put some noisemakers, blowouts and horns inside the basket.

Next, add some treats and snacks. Chocolate candy wrapped in silver or gold paper would look nice in a basket like this. Check your local bakery for cookies made especially for New Years.

Other items that you might want to add would be a new calendar for the upcoming year or a new journal with a fancy pen.

Also, don’t forget to include items that the recipient likes. Do they enjoy going to the movies? Include a gift card for a local theater. Do they like working out? How about including an exercise DVD they’ve been wanting to buy?

With a little bit of time and some creativity, you can create a gift that is thoughtful and cost effective.

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