A History of the Skateboard

Skateboard is a certain device designed with the intention of surfing on the non-water area. The exact past of skateboards is not known and cannot point to a certain age but it is really a fascinating sport. Some believe that the skateboards were first used on the California beaches, but others have the opinion that the history of skateboarding can be retraced to another place. Nowadays the Skateboards are regarded as a symbol of youthful vigor and energy. As early as the 1930s, children in the United States fit the roller skates to a wooden board measuring up to 2 to 3 inches. The modern era skate boards were invented only in 1958.

Regarding the conception of the skateboard it can be said that it was an inspiration taken from that of water surfboards. In the early stages it was relatively alike to that of the water surfboards but as the time progressed there were modification in the pattern because of commodities. The initial variety of skateboards was produced during the year 1965. These skateboards were thicker by an inch and had rubber wheels in them and also possessed iron trucks. With various kinds of skateboards existing in the market, the skateboarders are now able to categorize themselves consequently such as long jump skateboarders, high jump skateboarders, free style skateboarders, downhill skateboarders and so on. electric skateboard spares

Nowadays with the growing reputation of skateboarding particularly in the parts of western world enthusiasts are showing special interest in the skates and this has lead to the growth in the production of skateboards of various types. Although there was a decline in the craze for the skateboards during the period of 70s and 80s it has made a terrific comeback once more in the field of sport and pastime in the modern times. Skateboarding ranks 6th when comes in terms of popularity of sports in the United States. In the preceding years also, the Skateboarding is expected to remain one of the most attractive and also the showpiece of the teen culture of United States.

Some skateboards are fashioned and styled after long-bodied surfboards. Though they are not designed for long tricks, long-bodied skateboards are enormous for carving and bombing hills while you sail along the streets.

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